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Welcome to the Daniel Investments Blog

Welcome to Daniel Investments

Welcome to Daniel Investments

Welcome to the launch of Daniel Investments’ new finance blog! We’d like to take this opportunity to provide a glimpse of future topics we will cover and to familiarize you with our services. How This Finance Blog Works In the coming months, you will find that we...

King Dollar: Ruling the Gold Standard

For most of the 42 years since the US went off of the gold standard (that is decoupled the value of its currency from the price of gold), we have had a strong dollar. In other words, our money has been worth more relative to the currencies of other nations or regions....

Black Gold, Texas Tea

Everyone who grew up watching the Beverly Hillbillies knows that Black Gold is oil. The drop in the price of oil was one of the two biggest stories of the last half of 2014 on Wall Street (interest rates are the other). The price of oil has fallen by more than half...

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