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Investing With Us

Daniel Investments primarily works with clients who are interested in owning individual stocks and bonds as opposed to owning mutual funds. While we do occasionally purchase shares in mutual funds for purposes of diversification or expertise in a certain area (such as a foreign country where we do not have extensive knowledge), this is not a large part of our business. We specialize in retirement accounts, trust accounts and personal brokerage accounts.

What We Offer

Benefits of opening an account with Daniel Investments include:

  • Stocks and Bonds: We can purchase or sell common or preferred stock, corporate, government, agency, or municipal bonds, mutual funds and commercial paper.
  • Experience in Multiple Accounts: Including taxable accounts such as individual, joint, trust, or estate accounts and tax deferred such as IRAs (traditional and SEP-IRAs.
  • Review of 401(k) or 403(b) plans: While we typically do not actively manage 401(k) or 403(b) plans and do not count them as assets under management when billing, we do review them for clients as they are a key part of the client’s overall financial picture.
  • Tailored Investment Portfolios: Our client’s needs come first! We take income requirements, growth objectives and an individual’s tolerance for risk into account for each client and let you decide what to do with your money.
  • Client Control: As a client, the amount of participation that you have in the management of the account is up to you. You can discuss every portfolio transaction prior to its execution or only maintain periodic contact.
  • Convenience: We will personally meet with you about your investments, when you need us and where you need us.

We welcome and await your call to discuss your investing needs. There is no obligation or up-front cost to discussing your financial situation – call today!


A trust is an independent legal entity that is set up by an attorney. The advantage of a trust is that it continues to live on after the person passes away. This allows a person to better distribute their wealth or keep it intact to take care of loved ones.

Who Does Daniel Investments Serve?

We provide investment management services primarily to individuals, families and small business owners using investment vehicles such as individual brokerage accounts, trusts, estates, IRAs, SEPs, and other retirement vehicles. Additionally, we work with small non-profit organizations, endowment funds and foundations.


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