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Retirement Planning Services for Every Phase of Life

There’s no better time to start saving and there’s plenty of time to catch up with Daniel Investments. See how you fit in and how we can help!

20s-30s: starting to save at 25 rather than 35 can mean a difference of $200,000 or more in retirement savings.

40s-50s: refocusing current savings will help to prepare for retirement the most efficiently.

60s-70s+: managing your retirement income to last you comfortably for the rest of your life.

Financial Planning

Set up a personal, one-on-one meeting to discuss your financial goals and – together – create a plan of action to reach the established goals. Keep in touch when you have any questions or financial updates throughout the implementation process.


  • Traditional IRA is when money is put aside pre-tax (you don’t have to pay taxes on it now) and allowed to grow over time. Withdrawals are taxable and may begin in the year you turn 59 and six months and must begin in the year you turn 70 and six months. Money that is taken out before 59 and six months usually carries a 10% penalty except in specific circumstances. It can only be used when the client’s adjusted gross income is below the threshold level.
  • Roth IRA is when money is put aside post-tax (you pay the taxes now), but you do not pay taxes when the money is withdrawn. You may start taking money out penalty-free in the year you become 59 and six months, but there is no mandatory distribution after 70 and six months. It can also only be used when the client’s adjusted gross income is below the threshold level.
  • SEP IRA is designed for small business people. It allows you to put away money pre-tax. It is an expense to the company and allows you to set aside up to 25% of the salary. The catch is that it must be offered to all employees of the company.

At Daniel Investments, we help clients like you with investable assets achieve your financial goals through careful analysis of your current situation and then develop and help you implement a strategic plan for your desired future.

Daniel Investments has advised dozens of clients and is currently managing approximately $19.2 million in assets. Our experience and your financial goals go hand-in-hand, whether you’re saving for your child’s education, your retirement or anything in between.

Start investing today for a financially relaxing tomorrow.


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